Dale and Rachel
July 16, 2016

Welcome to our wedding website. You can check out accommodations, things to do in the valley, as well as RSVP to our wedding all on this site. Please RSVP by June 1, 2016.
We will have a brief overview of the day listed as well.

  1. Brett
  2. Levi
  3. Robert
  1. Kerry
  2. Katey
  3. Erica
Rob and Dale have been friends for 17 years. They met while working at McDonald's. When Dale and Rachel met, Rob and Dale were roomates. Throughout Rachel and Dale's 8 year relationship Rob has been a constant friend. What a great choice for Best Man.
Brett lived 80 feet away from Dale and Rachel when they first moved to Langdon. He became a fast friend to both Dale and Rachel. Dale, Kerry and Brett play on the same ball team.
Levi is Dale's younger brother and lives in St. John's Newfoundland. He is an obvious choice to be  standing up for Dale.
Erica is Rachel's younger sister who lives in Cumberland, BC. As Rachel's first friend of course Erica is going to be her Maid of Honour.
Kerry and Rachel met through Dale's ball team. After a few games they became immediate friends and have since shared some hilarious adventures.
Katey and Rachel both work at WestJet. It was their moms who first met and thought the two of them should become friends. They met and have shared a lovely friendship since.
Join us as we exchange vows and start our new adventure as husband and wife.